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We are scientists and biologists at our core.  Our mission is to provide our clients with information they can use to make decisions that impact their systems.
Michael Edwards, Ph.D

Founder / Owner

Michael Edwards, Ph.D

Dr. Edwards is the founder and CEO of the data analytics company, Bioinfo Solutions LLC, where he specializes in extracting wisdom out of a sea of information. He has over seventeen years of experience working with array-based genomic studies and analyzing next-generation sequencing data from both plant and animal species. He has done extensive statistical and model-building work in non-biotechnology systems, including analysis of industrial metrics and high-throughput performance evaluations. Recent projects have included phenotyping cannabis strains based on gene expression, assessing cancer risk based on both genetic and clinical markers, and analyzing patron survey data from a popular entertainment venue.

He has taught data science and bioinformatics to high school students and given lectures on science and math at events for the general public, as well as talks to professional groups and universities. Since 2014, Dr. Edwards has taught an annual, week long workshop in cancer genomics to medical oncologists from around the country for the American Association of Cancer Research (AACR). A collection of his previous lectures and courses can be found at my YouTube channel, “Michael Edwards Bioinformatics”.

The big picture: From data to biological knowledge

 - Dr. Michael Edwards

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